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Folder Color Icon Set 1.0
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Folder Color Icon Set 1.0

Publisher:ArcticLine Software
Platform:Windows, Linux, MAC, Mobile
Requirements:video card
Install:Install and Uninstall
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Publisher's Description:

Folder Color Icon Set - Folder Color icon set is a must-have for any computer user who has lots of folders and would like to organize them for faster search and quick retrieval. The set of 36 color coded XP folder icons can be used to mark out file folders to make folders easier to spot.

With Microsoft Windows, you have a FREE way to change a folder color. You just need colored folder icons. This is what you get downloading this icon set. This set of 36 color coded folder icons includes any colors you may wish to color folder. Starting from Red and finishing by Black.

How to change folder colors in the standard Windows way:

1. First, you should select and right-click the folder

2. Secondly, select Properties from the drop-down menu

3. Thirdly, select Customize tab in the dialog

4. Then click on Change Icon… button

5. Select an icon from the suggested list

6. And change the icon by clicking on OK and then Apply button

Hem. Six steps to change a folder icon are too many!

Hopefully, there is one small utility that can do the same in a very different manner than Windows, actually in ONE click, and users will have a better choice of options and icons. The utility is called Folder Marker and it can be downloaded at . With Folder Marker folder icons can be changed ON THE FLY from the right-click menu of a folder.

Color code folders to make them easy to find!

List of Changes:

Version 1.0 from 2007-07-15


A set of 36 color coded folder icons. Free!

Download Now
File Size: 446.2 Kb
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Latest User Reviews:

Bbridges 2011-08-10 06:38:35 #
Version: 1.0

Excellent, and just what I needed.

SHERRY617 2011-06-26 15:56:48 #
Version: 1.0

I was really looking forward to using this software and usually have no trouble working with software but for what ever reason I never got this to work. I finally just downloaded rainbow folders and it was simple and served the purpose.

Edhe 2011-06-16 21:18:30 #
Version: 1.0

Excellent program makes it much faster to find specific items on an overcrowded computer

Bjbenger 2011-05-05 11:00:59 #
Version: 1.0

Sorry, I have downloaded 'Folder Color Icon Set 1.0' from your broken link address you provided and cannot get it to work any way!! The 'Folder Color Icon Set' is located on my C Drive (C:\Folder Color Icon Set), but I cannot access any folder to change a folders color! What am I doing wrong?? Help please.


Perri 2011-03-07 18:55:13 #
Version: 1.0

Said it was compatible with mac yet downloaded as an exe file which isn't mac compatible

Mgleason 2010-11-07 20:32:03 #
Version: 1.0

It worked on folders, but what I really wanted was folder in Outlook

Ah 2010-10-16 01:28:40 #
Version: 1.0

Took me a little while to work out this went with Folder Marker, the free version of which I already had, and to swap this set for the basic set already supplied, but once it was done, everything went smoothly. I've not had such a tidy desktop ever. If they could only produce a program to encourage me to tidy my physical desk…

Michael Koffman 2010-09-28 13:13:19 #
Version: 1.0

I did not download these since the instructions for implementing them in a directory were for Microsoft directories, and I need this solution for a SharePoint library with folders. There is no "customize" Tab in SharePoint as there is in a file share directory. Thanks anyway.

Dvxgirl 2010-05-14 13:07:27 #
Version: 1.0


They work real nice, but it fails: it doesn't work on other computers. I color coded my folders on my flash drive and I went to school and put it in on their computer and the color coding wasn't there. Otherwise its nice

Geejones 2010-04-13 08:53:48 #
Version: 1.0

My Norton Security said the risk was high security and deleted the Folder Color from my computer.

Joel Elins 2010-03-26 11:54:50 #
Version: 1.0

With some difficulty, an hour of time, and more than one click, I managed to change the colors on my desktop folders yesterday. However, the changes did not register and this morning everything had reverted to boring manila color. I am not doing it again and have given up trying with your product. I see by other threads that this is not unusual. Too bad. It is a nice idea only, poorly interfaced for casual users.

E C Dijk 2010-02-25 05:36:42 #
Version: 1.0

Hello, I tried to work with Folder Color Icon Set 1.0 in XP, but it didn't work! I just continue with the IColor-folder that I had, not as pretty as yours, but always better than nothing.
Friendly, Els.

Kendluu 2009-10-01 14:37:55 #
Version: 1.0

I like the color folders, but the icon shape does not fit the desktop theme that i'm using so i uninstalled the software.

Rcarriere 2009-09-28 06:52:20 #
Version: 1.0

I love it thank you, now if only we could also do that in Outlook.

Roxanne C.

Lbandjw 2009-09-12 14:30:41 #
Version: 1.0

The program looked good, but download failed for one big reason. I have a Apple Computer. Why don't you write another program for all Apples as well as Windows.

Pjones11754 2009-08-24 15:40:53 #
Version: 1.0

a great set, easy to use and a lot of fun

Kristian Stefanov 2009-08-14 10:37:00 #
Version: 1.0

Version was not working ! Downloaded other - working...It is OK.. but does not support Vista Folder view !

Sudhir Ssmandal 2009-08-12 06:08:38 #
Version: 1.0

It would be better if you could avail more colors in the free version. However, thanks for your support.

Rachel Keen 2009-08-05 05:09:15 #
Version: 1.0

I find it very helpful to have the different folder icons but i am disappointed in the colours as i wanted to be able to have a range of tones for a group of coloured folders .I only have a limited range in the free download which is not immediately clear from the information re downloading. and I couldn't get pink.
I'm dyslexic and the colours really make a good difference to me so i'm pleased .

Hnb13686 2009-07-23 12:11:17 #
Version: 1.0

not working in vista.
home basic

Claudiakinsey 2009-07-14 05:20:22 #
Version: 1.0

I like my computer to be as fun to work with as possible, so I chose the Folder Color Icon Set.

Additionally, color coding helps me identify folders quickly and easily, which is efficient.

I am impressed with this product and am enjoying it.

Digitalprodusa 2009-06-18 03:30:33 #
Version: 1.0

Thank you, they are awesome

Tracy 2009-06-09 09:54:34 #
Version: 1.0

Sorry, it did not work for me.

Sralston 2009-06-02 09:31:15 #
Version: 1.0

It didn't work for what I needed. I wanted to color code my Outlook folders.

Davejohn111 2009-05-31 13:13:38 #
Version: 1.0

Very good have used it before. makes finding special files very easy. Can definately recommend it to anyone

Mslattery 2009-05-18 15:33:38 #
Version: 1.0

I am on Mac OSX 10.5.7

It does not work on my computer.

Any ideas?


China Seas 2009-05-13 05:57:19 #
Version: 1.0

I did not use after trying as it was not what I had been looking for...Thanks

Pjones 2009-05-06 03:13:35 #
Version: 1.0

I have been looking for a product like this for a long time. Download and installation was easy and the product does exactly what I wanted from it with the exception that I am not able to colour code my Outlook folders. It has made my use of My Doc's folders very much easier and I heartly recommend the product. Penguin

Pattidsgn 2009-04-15 23:03:29 #
Version: 1.0

My husband mentioned to me that he would sure like to color his folders like he did years ago when he was on a Mac. I said to myself *there has to be a way with third party software.* I found your site and he is one happy camper needless to say!I like using them also so we thank you. Easy to install and use, thank you!

Mediaspec 2009-03-24 09:58:02 #
Version: 1.0

EXCELLENT tool! I am trying to keep track of RSVPs for a large wedding and color coding the folders has made access to specific folders much faster. I'm using the tool with my work folders as well!
-Katharine Keeble Chapman, PhD

Robert 2009-03-12 12:21:56 #
Version: 1.0

it wasn`t what i wanted

I searched Google for a means to change the colours of MS Outlook folder icons. the returned results included your product. It was only after i downloaded it that i realised that it wasn't what i was looking for, but checked it out anyway. It didn't work.

Gordon_langridge 2009-02-13 03:36:02 #
Version: 1.0

Not for Vista

Great idea but couldn't get it working with vista - says their is no content in the folder!

Ryouken 2009-02-10 02:46:58 #
Version: 1.0

Didn`t work

I'm not sure if it is because I have a 32-bit Windows Vista Home Premium, but Folder Marker couldn't find any icons from the .ICL file, which I assumed to be the file that has the icons in it.

Don 2009-02-01 12:23:31 #
Version: 1.0

color folder

I'am looking for something that take the folder and makes it as long a the name. so that the folder has the name in it. in "list"

thank you

Ndavis1227 2008-12-20 08:41:17 #
Version: 1.0

I like it

I really like the folder color icon set. I would like more colors though like teal, lavender or purple, peach, mint green, lots more colors would be so great. That's my only suggestion. Otherwise its a great little program. :)

Tcrabtree3 2008-12-10 17:31:08 #
Version: 1.0


Organization is key in all aspect of success. These icons are a great little tool for those who appreciate detail and like a visual work environment that is user friendly and visually pleasing to the eye.

Syonchaser 2008-11-08 13:49:12 #
Version: 1.0

Folder Icon Colot Set

Excellent little program has made my life with folder sorting much easier. easy to use and only a small program taking up no space practically.
If folders adorn you desktop and you want to categorise them then this Folder Icon Colot Set will be a great help to you.

Using the program was extremely easy and is a user friendly type.Performance was better than expected

Easy to install, easy to use and easy on the eye.

Recommended for the dicerning.

Trashlist2000-internet 2008-09-25 20:34:28 #
Version: 1.0

looking good but doesn´t work in 64 bits

Well the software sounds really good, but doesn't work properly in vista 64bits ... the right click button menu does not appear when you cliked over any folder ... so at least for my use, the software is poor.

Gregbyrne.byrne 2008-07-24 09:55:04 #
Version: 1.0

not for vista?

I like the idea, but it did not seem to work on Windows Vista, which, unfortunately, came on my new laptop. Sigh.

Chet Hammann 2008-04-25 21:35:32 #
Version: 1.0

Outlook Folders colors

I wanted to change the colors of Outlook folders, and the software doesn't do that, apparently.

Tommy L 2007-11-28 08:49:13 #
Version: 1.0

Folder Icon Color

I have only used the free stuff, but I do like it enough that I will see what all I get on the paid stuff. I would be interested in a good variety of different icons and not just colors. Microsoft has some but I could use a bigger variety and is why I searched for your product in the first place. Example: A good picture of a telephone, cell phone and also perhaps some that will blink to catch the eye. I could also use icons to replace a Word or Excel document.

AT 2007-10-08 15:29:19 #
Version: 1.0

Folder Icon set

Very easy to use program. Good colors, would like to see some very bright solid colors too.
I use this to help identify my folders and keep them organized. It gives interest to my computer too.


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